Small Pieces of Success

My sister and my dad were having a conversation about two unrelated but very tragic incidents that happened within days of each other here in Massachusetts.  Two girls ages 15 and 18 committed suicide recently.  Reports are they suffered from depression.  One girl in particular showed little outward signs of being depressed to many close to her.  Although she was seeing a professional counselor, her friends considered her a positive and encouraging person.

My sister and Dad were saying that unfortuantely it’s not uncommon for young people to battle depression.  My dad said he remembers depression being mostly associated with adults but now times have changed that.  It seems depression is unbiased when it comes to age.  My sister in fact said she has a few friends that struggle daily with personal self worth and self esteem.

I dont know what to make of it but it concerns me that young people in particular who have so much future are emotionally weighed down. My dad said the best thing to do for kids struggling with heavy sadness and inadequacey is to be a friend.  Let them know you’re there.  Tell them how much who care for them.  And tell them often.

He said they need to know they have worth, they need to know they have special abilities.  They may not know what they are but everyone, he says, is good at doing something good.  They just need to be reminded of that.  He also said that self worth isn’t gained by doing big chunks of good deeds or great accomplishments but in “measured, and often small, pieces of success.” Little by little as a person develops and learns how to deal with success and failure, she or he builds up a healthy sense of who they are.  So they can withstand the trials daily life brings them.

Some kids definitely need professional help too my dad said.  But many kids can overcome issues of self esteem and self worth by being surrounded by friends who care for them.

I hope I can be a good friend to people in my life.