Greetings from Kazakhstan!
    The trip has been such an adventure for all three of us. Everyday we learn or see something new and different. Being in a country like this in Central Asia makes me look at cultures differently.
    For the past week it’s been quick and busy! For those at the English camp in Kaskelen, to those at the “London at Home” basketball camp, everyday has something new. Hayley and my dad have been working hard and making nice connections with students and even each other on the team.
    For myself, working at the basketball camp helping construct a basketball court in Gorky Park has given me many opportunities to see the light of God and the wonders He has made for me and the people around me on Kazakhstan.
    With all the work we have been doing, we are also able to visit some great sites here in Kazakhstan such as the World War II Monument, the President’s Park, and the Russian Orthodox Church!
    Our experience is coming to an end, but we still have much to see and do. Thank you to our support team because we could not have been on this life changing trip without them.
I hope the States are keeping all of you busy in these first few days of summer!


The court

 Kick-off to the official opening day of the new Drive basketball court in Gorky Park!


One of the many, breath-taking views of the mountains on our way in to work.


Myself and some other team members coaching the students basketball and basic English phrases at “London at Home,” English-learning camp.

bball_group 1

The team’s last dinner with the Kazakhstan gang!



Hayley placing wild flowers in my hair throughout our hike up the Mountain.