Recently I received an email from my dad. We often share online links, photos, updates, and just about anything in between.  Sometimes I find myself checking email more than I do my phone!

OK, off topic! Anyways, my dad shared with me in an email a video of a motivational expert named Josh Shipp that he’s been following for a couple years now. Josh’s mission is to work with teens to motivate them and bring bright light to a hectic world we live in.

This new video is directed to the class of 2015. Hey — that’s us!  His main focus was on two challenges. I won’t give them away because it’s something that seniors should watch for themselves.  I can tell you though that Josh touches on something that I guarantee we *all* struggle with.  You guessed it:  self-esteem.  Josh provides a short and entertaining talk on how we can manage those negative thoughts and all the pressures of what lies ahead after high school.

So I encourage you to watch this inspiring video (be sure scroll half-way down the page to see the video). If it speaks to you please share it with a friend, sibling, or teacher. You just never know how it could be an inspiration to someone else!

BTW, what is YOUR #1 advice to the class of 2015?  Give it some thought now because you might be asked to give it.