How I Got Through First Semester as a Freshman

Sorry that this post is long over-due. I’ve been busy with my winter break activities and then transitioning back to UMass as a second-semester Freshman.

So, let me tell you, being a freshman is not as easy as everyone says. You are tempted, teased, challenged, beaten, and by the end of it, well, you could say that 5 weeks of vacation is completely necessary. But, I got through it and so did almost the rest of the class of 2019. Hurray! Now we are back at it again, stronger than before. Before getting too far ahead, I wanted to reflect on how I was able to push through first semester in my hardest, most-challenging BUT also my newest and most memorable days.

Friends were the majority of my life vest. Literally anytime I needed someone to talk to about last night’s homework, or the test that I am struggling to study for that is tomorrow, or about the party that had a live band, or about how good the campus food is here, I have someone. Having a physical friend or neighbor to talk to during my transition was something that I have realized made me stronger in the first semester. Maybe stronger is the wrong word, but I can’t think of anything else. Anyways, as I was saying, there are really hard times as a freshman. I was constantly second-guessing myself as a student, friend, daughter, and sister. I was nervous that I was the one person around me that didn’t have a set direction in my life. The freedom we as students have here at such a big university is not exaggerated by our parents. It is a LOT of freedom that sometimes I even feel overwhelmed by. You know? Sometimes I want my mom to make soup for me when I feel a cold coming on. I want my dad there to clean the virus that got on my computer. I want someone to congratulate my good grades and cheer me on. Those small and yes, petty, desires I have are hard to get used to the fact that I can’t have that anymore, or at least for half a year. Surely, the heartache got better and I saw that my home is with my friends. They are the ones that push me to do better on the next test, or there to get excited about the assignment I scored an A on. My friends are also the ones to make sure I am at the dining hall eating warm food or drinking hot tea when I am sick. And in return, I am that friend for them too. So yes, first semester was HARD, but each day got better as I am finding my notches here and there. Visits from my dad and sister and friends from home made the home sickness more bearable, so I encourage family members to take even a quick visit to see their student at their home away from home.

Keep going, wherever you may be in your journey to the next “thing.” Make a home wherever you must and find friends that will be your sister, mom, dad, uncle, brother, etc. whenever you need them. 😉