The First Summer Back Home

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It came— the time to fly back to the nest and settle in for the summer. Between visiting friends the second I crossed over the Sagamore Bridge and committing to a new internship this summer, it has been a busy transition back home — Probably why I am only now reflecting on it!

I began an internship with the primary care office, Emerald Physicians. I am in awe of how much I have been learning here as I am exposed to the medical field on a daily basis. I have found connections that I would never have even thought twice about in such a short period of time. Not only does this job have a benefit on my long-term goals, I also have something that keeps me on my toes and out of trouble!! (kidding!) Anyways, this summer has been better than I thought it would be.

But, coming back home to a place that you trained yourself to distance from, is an adjustment for me. And, I’m sure for lots of other 1st year grads!

Home on the Cape has been home since I can remember, and leaving school for Freshman year was hard on me. I had to adjust from living away from my best friend, who is actually my sister Hayley, and my mom. It was hard…. but I’m sure you know that from my other blogs. But hey, I got used to the change and made my home with friends from school. I never thought of Cape to be my home anymore, it was in Amherst. I found places that I fell in love with, places that I hated, and places that just took my breath away. I was proud of the home that I made at school. Fast forward a half year and I can’t believe that I was actually packing to leave for the summer!!!! I still don’t understand how the year went so fast, I believe that the school cut us early 😉

But there I was standing outside of my dorm building with my best friend at 11 o’clock at night, just hours before I had to leave. Tears in my eyes and my stuffy gripped tight in my hands, I said goodbye to some of the best friends I’ll ever make. Some of them include my friends Alex, Alyda, Izzy, and Jen. There’s never been another place where I have been myself totally and completely- and I think it had to do with the friends that I made along the way. As I drove home I was thinking to myself, “what am I doing… turn AROUND!” I really could not grasp the idea of leaving-even in the midst of it!

I think the awe settled in about 2 weeks later when I figured “you know, you’re not going back to school for a few months, why not make it home again.” So, I did just that. I unpacked my clothes (well actually Hayley helped me with that) and turned my room around. I had to kick Hayley out of my room and move her into her old bedroom. Do you blame me!? Maybe I should’ve taken the extra room, but I don’t think she minded that much. It’s been a great summer– full of camping, swimming, eating, tanning, relaxing, working, sleeping, crying, laughing– Everything! I have a summer that I can be proud of, and a place that I can look forward to going after the summer air has cooled. I think the transition from home to school will be hard, but not as hard as the first year. I know I’ll miss my sister the most, so I am savoring each second with her as I am home.

Have a wonderful summer, friends, and try to enjoy the sun 🙂