Bittersweet Goodbye to Emerald

Wow, where has the summer gone.  Seemed like I was just finishing freshman year finals and getting ready for the warm weather and long summer days.  Well here I am my last days as an intern at Emerald Physicians Services. Hard to fully quantify just how much this job has meant to me considering I never imagined being here and learning so much.

It was only a year ago I was just heading off to UMass to begin my first year as a student. I had goals I made for the year.  One I am proud to say I accomplished is the one I completed this summer. It was to find an internship opportunity related to my field of study kinesiology prior to leaving campus last spring.  I have to say I nailed the perfect summer job. Dr. Coyle gave me an internship for the summer to be the secretary at Emerald Physicians. He founded Emerald Physicians years ago and I had the great privilege to work under the care of his company.  Dr. Coyle recently moved to Florida with his family to start a practice there. I’m honored to have known and worked with him.  I knew him on a personal basis as I was his daughters’ babysitter over the years.  I will miss his smiling face around. His passion for his practice was evident here. He hired a team of employees who are committed to top patient care.

So what do I think of Emerald.  Well it’s a work place and much, much more.  Its community, not just a work place. I see day-in and day-out how the various teams have worked so well together.  I like to include myself in this and say I believe we really encouraged one another.  We praise each other’s accomplishments, and we bring to attention things that need change. We all work for a common purpose:  that is that each patient leaves the office highly satisfied with the care we provide. In a doctor’s office, patients are very unpredictable. Many times patients are sick and not happy when they come in. And I can’t blame them either.  I’m not the always the happiest when I’m feeling badly. Although on the flip side I see patients that are glowing with joy, even when they have a 101 reasons not to be.

I think I’ve left the office every day with a new relationship, or a patient that I can remember for next time. I believe I have grown considerably this summer.  Specifically, in my communication skills. I learned how important it is to answer phones, engage in real conversations, and in person encounters here.  And this will help me in the future. I’m convinced of it!  Emerald gave me a chance to wear my “big girl shoes” and grow into a more communicative and responsible young woman.  I was posted at 13 locations on different days. Meaning tons of driving.  And lots of GPS’ing.  I considered myself one of the “first faces” at Emerald.  And that I suppose comes with lots of responsibility and compassion for this field of work.  I am pretty confident of my job now but it’s funny because when I started Week 1 was baptism by fire.  I trained fast and quickly met many of the providers and hundreds of patients.

One big thing I really liked about being an intern this summer was that I was able to meet most of the teams at each location. There are a few more I know I will get to meet next summer or this winter when I come back 😉 Tomorrow being my last day, it’s still hard to believe I’m ending my first real job related to my career and starting sophomore year at college.  I am so blessed.  God had this plan for me all along.  I have never grown so fast as a working individual than I did this summer. I’m thankful for all the staff and want to express special thanks to Christine Shea and Jo-Anne Carey for being the coolest supervisors/managers/boss ladies around.  These ladies care.  They show this not only to the patients but to employees.  Its awesome.  I look forward to coming back next year and learning even more.  I wish them all the best!  Until then it’s on to college. Go Minutemen!