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Prayer Rally at the Boston Commons



Come join Franklin Graham at a prayer rally in Boston.

The Decision America Tour is coming to Boston on Tuesday, August 30, 2016, at the Boston Common, from 12 to 1 p.m. Come out and be counted among those who are praying and taking a stand for God’s truth and righteousness.

As our nation’s moral foundation continues to crumble, Jesus Christ is the only hope. At Decision America Tour stops in each of the 50 states, I will challenge Christians to live out their faith at home, in public, and at the ballot box—and I will share the Gospel.

Will you join me on August 30?  Plan now to bring your friends, family, and church. Let’s stand together and pray for America.


Two Events Never To Be Forgotten

25 years later, Tiananmen Square massacre remains the ‘event’ that no one dares to remember.
According to my dad, although the rest of the world is recalling the massacre at Tiananmen Square June 4, 1989 China forbids its people from mentioning the atrocity.  He won’t forget it, he mentions it.
And in two days we also commemorate D-Day,


D-Day, the liberation of the French, was the big push during WW II to wipe the scourge of Nazi rule from democratic society. On those beaches lives were lost, heroes were born, and democracy prevailed.

Camp Harborview Clean-Up Day 2014


It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to volunteer on one of the small harbor islands in Boston for the Camp Harborview clean-up.

On a cool and sunny morning my dad and I piled into the car and drove across a narrow bridge to Long island.

[In the past my dad and my sister have volunteered and run in in the annual 5K road race, a fundraiser for the Camp, which is a summer camp haven awaits inner-city teens. I’m hoping I can run it with them this year.]

The clean-up time was pretty casual as we got to pick what job we wanted to help with. We weeded the grounds and cleaned the buildings with about 60 other volunteers.  It was enjoyable to be out in the harbor, giving back if only a little.  For just a few hours of pulling, scrubbing, mopping, and sterilizing, the feeling of a job well done and for a good cause is extremely satisfying… maybe because they served us a great meal afterwards 😉

Many more volunteer opportunities to come!

We make a living by what we do…

“We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill


In the great city of Cambridge, Mass., I’ve had the privilege of serving meals on Saturdays to the homeless and less fortunate. I’m visualizing it now: the food line gets longer, the plates heavier, the eyes of those across from me wider.  All the while my satisfaction gets fed.

You might think from all the running around preparing food, setting tables, and serving coffee, that it’s a chaotic scene.  Far from it.  Serving others I’m finding is therapeutic to me.  minded and people has brought increased my level of compassion.  Volunteers it seems never have too much trouble working together or offering a hand when we are agree internally that we’re in it for the same reason to give back, if only a little.

And having the simple God-given physical ability to help out and at the same time find peace within myself — at a Korean church no less — makes me feel good about giving back.

Boston Faith in a Secular City


At Park Street Church this WHOLE weekend for a seminar which the church is hosting on Apologetics- for those interested in speaking to others about the faith they have their hope in.

This week in History

This week in 1968 a nation began mourning as civil rights leader Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King was shot and killed by an assassin in Memphis, Tennessee.  Rev. King was a powerful public speaker who fought for the rights of African-Americans since the early 1950’s.  The world needs more people like Rev. King.