About Me


30-second elevator speech! Just kidding! I have time. Well, I won’t bore you. I’ll go on a speed date with you! Haha

Well, as you can see, my name is Sylvy Spinelli. I am currently a Freshman at UMass Amherst. Go Minutemen! I take my education very seriously because my intelligence, I believe, is one of my gifts. I have used it to not only grow for myself, but to help others. I spend my time volunteering, painting, drawing, blogging, driving along the coast, playing with my dog, and practicing as many healthy coping skills as I can. I value the mind and the way we as individuals have such control over how we carry out our day, whether it started out bad or great!

I am an adventurous gal. I enjoy camping and taking walks in the woods with my dad and sisters! I am a family girl. I love love love my family! We joke around with each other and can laugh the whole night! I definitely got my humor from both my parents! The Spinelli household is a trip.

Don’t be fooled, I have my downs, but that is why I practice coping skills as much as I can. Life is a roller coaster. I am fortunate enough to have so many tools in my belt and I hope that I can help my readers with my experiences. I believe that we can turn any day around, even if there is only a minute left! But it is all up to us!!!! Hang in there, my friends! You are never, ever alone!